Industry news | the founding meeting of Engineering Technology Committee of Guangdong stone industry

In order to further improve the level of stone construction technology, broaden the scope of stone use, enhance the comprehensive application value of stone, promote the standardization and standardization of stone construction process, and guide construction enterprises to play a positive role in social, economic and cultural development by constantly attaching importance to project quality, safety production and user experience, The establishment meeting and the first meeting of all members of the first session were held in the conference room of Shenzhen baishite Stone Industry Co., Ltd.

1、 Carry forward the spirit of ingenuity and promote the development of the industry

From stone construction, design and application, decoration, processing, distribution, nursing and other member enterprises responsible for a total of 30 people attended the meeting. With the theme of "carrying forward the spirit of ingenuity and promoting the development of the industry", the conference actively responded to the call of the national quality power, promoted the quality of stone engineering, carried forward the spirit of craftsman of the Chinese nation, and promoted the development and progress of the whole stone industry by promoting the development and progress of stone engineering quality and technology.

▲Photos of the scene

2、 Practice internal skill, do standard, build image

Huang Zehong, President of Guangdong stone industry association, said in his speech: at present, stone engineering industry is a focus industry with many complaints, misunderstandings and endless disputes. For a long time, the society has limited understanding of the internal process of stone engineering, the construction level and management ability of engineering enterprises are uneven, the technical level of the industry needs to be improved, and stone consumers choose the project construction At present, only by strengthening the internal self-discipline of stone engineering, standardizing the industry behavior, practicing internal skills, and improving the customer experience and social reputation of stone, can the industry have a better and broader development, and finally establish a good image of the stone engineering industry.

3、 Craftsman spirit, the era of intelligent creation

Xiang Wei, the newly elected chairman of the first engineering and Technical Committee and chairman of Shenzhen baishite Stone Industry Co., Ltd., combined with his own experience in project management and enterprise management, put forward four points of experience on the development of stone engineering enterprises in the new era, including "craftsmanship spirit, intelligent manufacturing era, professional team building, resource integration ability", etc. He spoke to the chairman of the board of directors and benefited a lot, Every sentence is deeply inspired and inspired.

Share with Chairman Xiang Wei

4、 Have the courage to take responsibility and make progress

According to the association's articles of association and the working rules of the engineering and technical professional committee, all members of the Committee approved the members of the first leading organization. Chairman Xiang Wei of Shenzhen baishite Stone Industry Co., Ltd. served as the chairman of the committee, Fu Haibo as the executive chairman of Qiyi stone, universal stone, Kangli stone, Opali new material, fenghuishi, Weiye stone, Zhuoxin property, Xinxin The person in ge of 9 enterprises, including huishuangyi abrasive tools, Tongli new materials and sichuanli stone care, serves as the vice president. The general manager of Bosen stone decoration, Kou Haibo, serves as the secretary general, while Feng yongcong and Li Dongmei serve as the executive deputy secretary general.
In his speech, he said to the president that he would work with the leading group of the committee to shoulder the responsibility and fulfill the mission, so as to promote the implementation of the work of the engineering and Technical Committee.

Election process

Unveiling ceremony of Engineering Technology Professional Committee

Chairman Huang Zehong presents the certificate of chairman of stone engineering technology committee

Certificate of vice president and Secretary General of stone Engineering Technical Committee presented to Chairman Wei

5、 The focus of work and urgent problems in the industry

        The meeting put forward the work focus of the engineering and Technical Committee and the work plan to be carried out, mainly including: cooperate with the government to do a good job in the supervision and inspection of the quality and safety production of stone engineering, and improve the overall quality and technical level of stone engineering. Promote the technical innovation of stone engineering industry, promote the implementation and application of new technology, new material and new process, standardize the industry behavior, guide the industry enterprises to self-discipline, establish the engineering industry guidance price, organize special lectures and salons, hold training, etc.
As an open cooperation base and public welfare sharing platform, the leading group of the committee also put forward opinions on how to build its own organization, actively absorb peers who are interested in serving stone engineering to join the association, and jointly a new situation in the industry.

Participants visited the workshop of Shenzhen baishite Stone Co., Ltd

6、 A grand gathering of unity and hard work

The meeting was successfully concluded in the exciting upward music of "cohesion and unity". All members of the Committee and the guests visited the newly built stone exhibition hall and production workshop of Shenzhen baishite Stone Industry Co., Ltd., and attended the exchange dinner at Sheraton Hotel of Shenzhen Bolin Tianrui. During the dinner, everyone exchanged views, chatted and toasted and inspired their thinking. I believe that the future of stone engineering industry will be better!